You may download the entire catalog, or just the section that interests you.

To download the entire catalog, click the red arrow. To download a specific section of the catalog, click on its page photo.

The catalog files will download with an extension of .pdf. This means "portable document format."

A pdf file should be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may download this software for free from the provided link.


Open the catalog in an Acrobat Reader window.

The Catalog will read from top to bottom. It usually appears too large when the file first opens. You may adjust this with the "fit in page" icon at the top of the Reader window. It's the middle of the three page display icons.

To view pages, you may use the navigation controls at the bottom of the Reader window. You can see how many pages are in the file, and which page you are currently viewing. The forward and backward controls will move one page at a time.

For a closer look at a drawing or chart, use the magnifying glass icon in the Acrobat toolbar.